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Our courses are for students who are studying science at secondary school or university level





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Are you a secondary school student studying science, UltraBrain Science Tutors is an online learning platform producing quality lecture videos and notes to help you understand the concepts, principles and calculations that are involved in all science subjects.

Our lesson are organized into the different classes (SS1, SS2, SS3), using the NERDEC syllabus for each terms in the various classes.

JAMB / WAEC / NECO Courses

Are you a student preparing for JAMB, WAEC or NECO exams, UltraBrain Science Tutors is the perfect online learning platform dedicated to helping you pass your exams with high score.

We have videos and notes to help support your reading as you prepare for your exams. To access the lecture material you need to enroll in the course.

University Undergraduate Courses

Are you a first year student in the university offering science related course? There is no better online learning platform to help you through the hassle and challenges of passing your courses.

Our lecture videos and notes are tailored to each university course outline,  and our practice quizzes and exams are perfect test of your readiness for your school exams. Sign up today and start learning.